Martini Mosaic Tile, Backsplash Tile, Wall Mosaic Tile for Kitchen and Bath
Martini Glass Mosaic Tile for Kitchen and Bathroom

Martini Glass Mosaic Tile for Kitchen and Bathroom

Martini Mosaic is a manufacturer of contemporary and modern glass, stone, ceramic, and metal mosaic tile. Their motto is Elegant, Unique, and Contemporary, and their tile is all three, making sophisticated modern mosaic tile work both easy to install and easy to afford. Whether you do a whole wall or a simple backsplash, Martini Mosaic tiles will add sleek modern style to your kitchen or bath.

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Martini Glass Mosaic Tile

Unique Mosaic Tile Sheets

All of Martini Mosaic's tiles come in one foot square sheets, each sheet containing anywhere from eight to over a hundred tiles adhered by hand to a simple mesh backing. With staggered tile designs, the edges of one sheet and another will interlock seamlessly, making it easy to assemble a tile mosaic that's as big in any direction as you need it to be with a built in variation of tile shapes and colors.

Martini Glass Mosaic Tile

Easy Installation

Martini Mosaic's unique sheet-style mosaic tiles turn what was once a complicated art form into a simple but stylish DIY home improvement project. Rather than aligning and fastening hundreds of tiles by hand, Martini Mosaic's tile sheets can be mortared directly to the wall and grouted without the fear of knocking any of your tiles loose. The interlocking, matching sheets mean you'll get a consistent pattern with none of the accidental inconsistencies or repetitions that can happen in mosaics you design yourself. And the mesh backing makes it easy to remove any "overflow" tiles along the edges or corners of your project - just snip them apart and install as usual!

Martini Glass Mosaic Tile

Contemporary Tile Designs

With nine different tile design types available in more than twenty colors, Martini Mosaic makes it easy to find a contemporary mosaic tiles to suit your kitchen or bathroom. From simple square tiles to thin, varied rectangles and even raised wave-shapes, their mosaic tiles are visually stunning and highly modern. And with such a huge selection of colors, materials, and textures on top of the variety of styles, Martini Mosaic offers one of the best, most comprehensive ways to choose a mosaic tile for your kitchen or bathroom.

Martini Glass Mosaic Tile

The Beauty of Glass Tile

While Martini Mosaic has tiles in a variety of materials, their glass tiles are easily the stars of their collection, creating a sleek, glossy, reflective tile surface that's perfectly suited for a modern bathroom. From foamy sea greens and deep blues to icy whites and the darkest greys and blacks, each of their color schemes are engineered for a modern setting. As a bonus, their glass tiles have a 0% water absorption rate, which makes them ideal for not only beautifying a kitchen or bathroom backsplash, but also for protecting the area around your sink or tub from water damage.

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